Small Business Coaching for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur
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Is this how you want to feel as a business owner?
You want a business that allows you to feel connected & involved, and allows you to make a difference in the world. You are someone who wants to feel supported and celebrated, and wants to do the same for others. And you want to do what you love, while still having time for you and for friends and family! Working for someone else just didn’t feel right - so you started a business.
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  • Pauline Osborne
    Wellness Coach & Nia Instructor, Moving to Heal
    I am full of gratitude for receiving a wonderful consultation with Jennifer Kennett, business coach extraordinaire. As a sole business owner it can feel lonely and with so many ideas I didn’t know where to focus my energy. During the consultation, Jennifer helped me to identify my goals, create action steps, and set deadlines. The barriers for growing my Nia classes also became clear and with some minor changes my class size doubled and tripled within the week of implementation. With Jennifer, my business path as a healer feels more clear and less lonely.
  • Lisa Stariha
    The Body Empowerment Coach
    I loved working with Jennifer!  She brings a balance of the masculine and feminine to business.  With her MBA “what to do it” combined with her therapist "what feels right,” Jennifer helped me explore the vision for my business and map out doable next steps.  Her down-to-earth approach helped me tap into my own wisdom and create a platform for my business programs.  Pragmatic + Intuitive = Jennifer. 
  • Ariel Hubbard
    Hubbard Health Solutions PLLC, Founder
    Jennifer asks powerfully insightful and stimulating questions when she offers business coaching--questions that will inspire you to actively and dynamically work on your business and grow as a business owner. If you are seeking to move to your next level personally and professionally, work with Jennifer.
  • David Jensen
    I had the privilege to spend time with Jennifer Kennett this last fall.  She spent time listening, evaluating and advising me.  Her insight was incredible and I was immediately able to make significant steps to improve my business model.  The time that I spent with her was of great value to me personally and to my approach in growing my business.  My business direction was modified to take advantage of my strengths.  I learned how to avoid those things that were taking my time and draining my energy.
February 10, 2017

Practice Being Courageous

I recently attended a business intensive retreat working on understanding the financials of my business. On our last night, our leader, Kim Flynn, led us through a powerful exercise that really hit home with me. Think Fear Factor for entrepreneurs. She pointed out that overcoming our fears take PRACTICE. If we shy away from facing our fears, we lose out on knowing we can overcome them.
Her words
August 30, 2016

Guest Post: Anxiety Ghosts & Ghost-busting Systems

I recently received this email from a good friend of mine. As a fellow entrepreneur, she understand the value of sharing her system with a trusted adviser in order to strengthen it. I wanted to share her thoughts with you.
Author: Shelagh Huston
Trying to remember and track a lot of small, get-it-together tasks makes me anxious. The list of actual known jobs can be overwhelming, but what really