Practice Being Courageous

I recently attended a business intensive retreat working on understanding the financials of my business. On our last night, our leader, Kim Flynn, led us through a powerful exercise that really hit home with me. Think Fear Factor for entrepreneurs. She pointed out that overcoming our fears take PRACTICE. If we shy away from facing our fears, we lose out on knowing we can overcome them.

Her words hit me in the gut.

I thought back to last summer. My family & I had traveled to Coeur d’Alene for a summer vacation. I saw an ad for a zipline tour. I was immediately intrigued. I loved the idea of flying over the treetops and feeling the wind on my face. Then the fear kicked in. I get anxious on ferris wheels and basic, kiddie rides at the amusement park. Could my body handle the overwhelming adrenaline rush that would inevitably come from the speed of zipping down a line 30 feet above the ground?

So I did what any sane introvert would do – I went online and did research.

It didn’t help. I learned that people can go up to 35 mph. I watched a video that made my stomach do jumpy flip-flops. So I filed the idea of zip-lining away under the “never gonna happen” category.


And you know what? Now I wish I had done it.


I missed a huge opportunity to take a risk and practice knowing I could make it through the experience.

Maybe I won’t ever go zip-lining. But I am making a commitment to do one thing each week that scares me.

Because I know that I will be a better business owner if I learn that taking risks will not destroy me. So I will practice doing exactly that – taking risks and facing my fears. And I will grow, as a person and as a business owner.

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  1. Yafa says:

    Zip lining is bomb. The adrenalin rush is exhilarating not debilitating.

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