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5 steps to Becoming More Successful by Effectively Managing the Lunatic in Your Head

Did you choose to become an entrepreneur for one of two reasons: greater flexibility and freedom and/or because you wanted to do what you love and make money for yourself rather than for someone else? Entrepreneurial guru Michael Gerber calls this the ‘Entrepreneurial Seizure’. Most of the heart-centered entrepreneurs I work with have a third reason: they want to make a difference. Regardless of the reason, no one tells us that we will be leaving a boss we may or may not like and trading him or her for one that is a hyper-critical micromanager that we can never get away from! That’s right – the lunatic in our head that thinks we SHOULD work 24/7 without eating, sleeping, or taking any time off. If we don’t learn to manage the lunatic in our head pretty quickly, we become overwhelmed, resentful, and stuck. Join psychotherapist and business coach Jennifer Kennett to learn 5 steps to effectively manage the lunatic in our heads so we can experience clarity, excitement and big success in our businesses!

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