February 10, 2017

Practice Being Courageous

I recently attended a business intensive retreat working on understanding the financials of my business. On our last night, our leader, Kim Flynn, led us through a powerful exercise that really hit home with me. Think Fear Factor for entrepreneurs. She pointed out that overcoming our fears take PRACTICE. If we shy away from facing our fears, we lose out on knowing we can overcome them.
Her words
August 30, 2016

Guest Post: Anxiety Ghosts & Ghost-busting Systems

I recently received this email from a good friend of mine. As a fellow entrepreneur, she understand the value of sharing her system with a trusted adviser in order to strengthen it. I wanted to share her thoughts with you.
Author: Shelagh Huston
Trying to remember and track a lot of small, get-it-together tasks makes me anxious. The list of actual known jobs can be overwhelming, but what really
March 23, 2016

Do I need a business plan?

Over the past few weeks I have had several friends and colleagues tell me that someone told them, “You need a business plan!” It got me thinking – does every business need a business plan? Don’t get me wrong – I have had to write two detailed business plans to be awarded $20,000 in business loans, so I know that in certain situations they are critical. But to be