VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching Package

I work primarily with solo entrepreneurs and family businesses who want to take their business to the next level of success. VIP Coaching is for you when you are ready to:
  • Get clarity on your vision for your business and your life
  • Develop a strong commitment to and take action on maintaining your optimal work-life balance
  • Identify your ideal client - the one that lets you perform at your highest level
  • Attract new clients authentically and with integrity
  • Develop a marketing and customer service strategy that is congruent with your deepest values.

One -on-one coaching takes time; although most business owners see some value after 4-6 sessions, the really transformative rewards often occur after 6 months to a year of dedicated time working together. I offer both monthly coaching packages as well as a variety of bundled sessions to meet your business needs.

Coaching Packages

Premier Coaching Package - $2247
  • ½ day Intensive to identify your specific business needs and goals
  • DISC Behavioral Profile & analysis
  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions in person or via Skype (1 call every two weeks)
  • Unlimited email access between sessions

Visioning Intensive - $1497
  • Full day strategy session to develop a clear vision for your business along with key goals and strategies to move forward
  • DISC Behavioral Profile & analysis
  • Lunch provided

Individual Coaching Package - $1197
  • 5 one-hour coaching sessions in person or via Skype (1 session every two-three weeks depending on client needs)
  • DISC Behavioral Profile and analysis
  • Unlimited email access between sessions

If you are ready to take your vision deeper & create your wholehearted success, Schedule a Discovery Session today!